Our Vision

To act as a platform which helps mitigate the dairy sector against market shocks, through facilitating the exchange of knowledge, expertise and the identification of skills and capability needs across the UK and Ireland.

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Who We Are

DEX (Dairy Evolution NeXt) is a unique community of researchers, industry and policy stakeholders across Ireland and the UK interested in exploring innovation, sustainability, value-addition and digitalisation across the dairy sector.

Our Aim


To be a central resource for information, research and collaboration opportunities relating the UK and Irish dairy sectors.


To bring together academic researchers from multiple disciplines, dairy farmers, producers, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders to share knowledge and methodologies.


To identify research priorities and conduct collaborative research which can aid the dairy sector.


To participate in collaborate projects with other research institutions, industry collaborative and other dairy sector stakeholders.

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Enhancing Rural Innovation and Growth: Future Strategic Directions

Exploring opportunities for research and collaboration in the agri-food sector with the DEX network

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The DEX Network is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Irish Research Council (IRC).

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